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Updated: Mar 10, 2019

About a month ago, we received a request for a sample from an interior design company that specializes in department stores. They mentioned that the store owner(Lotte, a conglomerate in Korea) specifically chose Marblers® Epoxy Floor to be installed at a newly opening department store. #brandpower #brandrecognition

They sent us this picture of "eeky" looking blue metallic table and asked if we can make them a sample similar to it.

#boringblue #meh #Marblersisbetter

Well, I wanted to tell them "No, we can't make you a sample similar to this picture because the sample picture looks pretty boring...But we can make you one much cooler."

Of course I did not mentioned this, but I mentioned the sample is going to cost them money.

Here, some of you may think, why charge people for the samples?

The answer is, because it costs us money and someone has to pay for it.

They had agreed to pay and I immediately barged into Jane's office.

She is THE master designer at BandDers, and oversees every single design related work we produce. When I showed her this picture, I received the same response. "Gross! What is that??"

When I mentioned that we got a request to make a Marblers Epoxy sample, she

Three weeks later, we started getting a quotation request for Sapphire Blue & Gentle Blue Marblers Epoxy Flooring installation. We submitted three total and waited further more.

Another week later, a site manager at Design Maru called and asked if I can swing by the site later that week to examine the level of floor and determine the amount of self leveling concrete is needed for the construction. At this exact moment, I was perplexed because we didn't submit a quotation to this company, but apparently they are the one who won the bidding for this project.

In my head I was thinking "Money!"

The reason for this is because Design Maru submiited a X amount of total dollar for this project without getting a quotation from us.

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